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Handara Golf & Resort Bali, Soul of the Mountain. In 2015, we started to rebrand and tell the story of Handara. Located at Bedugul Bali, our goal is to bring back the soul and the legacy to the resort and golf course.  With a team of doers and a core offering, we create beautiful brand communication that resonate with audience. With limited marketing budget, we manage to take up the challenge and provide excellent customer feedback to the property.

We translated the creative idea into a design system and palette, applied it to the identity, environmental graphics and iconic landmarks. The first milestone we achieved which is also pride is when we create the iconic “ Handara Gate “ that representing the Soul of the Brand which then become Bali iconic landmark and  the ‘must-visit place in Bali, Indonesia. 

The marketing effort is not instant, and thus in recent years we start to promote healthy living, the important of one’s well being, and deliver the sustainability action that give impact to the community. This effort is what makes us successfully overturn the worst situation that might happened during the pandemic to be the opportunity for the property to propel forward.

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